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About Us

JC Landscaping & Pine Straw offers a wide range of landscaping services as often or as infrequently as you request. You can rely on
JC Landscaping & Pine Straw for excellent residential and commercial landscaping at an affordable price. Call or email for more information about our various landscaping services and for a free quote.

Residential & Commercial Maintenance

Our maintenance employees are well trained by us to provide the highest quality possible. Not only do they understand what to do, but why they are performing each task. They have been trained to give attention to the smallest detail which is the reason our landscapes are able to stand out from all others. We offer maintenance for residential landscape as well as commercial. This includes all necessary responsibilities for proper care such as pruning, trimming, fertilizing, and cleaning.


There is no specimen too large or too small, whether it be large trees that require heavy machinery or seasonal bulb planting, we can plant it all. Every specimen planted by  JC Landscaping & Pine Straw is properly planted in the correct hole size and at the correct height, that way your new planting has the best possible chance at survival under its new conditions.With all planting, we provide soil preparation which includes fertilizing and other amendments to help increase soil health.

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